Mr. Frog

10924114277?profile=RESIZE_400xYou heard about the vacationing frog, right?

In the case you have not, there was once upon a time a frog.

Once upon a time Mr. Frog loved back-floating in the water.

On this day however, Mr. Frog was snatched up and brought to somebody’s house.

You remember catching frogs as a kid, maybe?

Yeah. So, in this house, Mr. Frog was gently placed into a pot of nice, cold water.

The first problem for Mr. Frog though was … the pot of cold water was sitting on the stove.

The next problem Mr. Frog had was someone had actually turned the burner on just below the pot! Even still, Mr. Frog had already taken to his water re-entry.

So, here’s Mr. Frog with his hands behind his head. He’s back-stroking around, whistling, blowing bubbles into the air and so forth.

He’s having a fantabulous time. Even as the water temperature began to increase, Mr. Frog thought he had died and gone to Heaven.

We listen in: “What amazing weather we are having today. This new place is like a Jacuzzi in paradise!”


But oh my friend, Mr. Frog’s next and biggest issue was—the water was coming to a rapid boil. Mr. Frog had the slightest clue as to what was coming!

This "gaining cuts in the line to hell" isn’t you, though. Remember? This is about how you got to Heaven.

So, let’s use this as a springboard to catapult you onto the narrow and exclusive road to Heaven.

The last thing you need in your journey is some false hope stating, “All is well. I am going to back-float into Heaven on my own merit.”

You need help! You need blemish-less blood. You need a perfect sacrifice. You need a Savior. You need Jesus!


Forget about your so-called friends and family for a minute. They are not going to be there to rescue you when you stand alone before the One who put this whole thing together, right?

Don’t fear man who after he has killed the body can do no more. Fear the One who after having killed the body can cast both the body and soul into hell. “Fear Him!” Jesus said.

Fear Him enough to recognize He’s a holy God who rightly demands justice, yet still offers mercy and forgiveness to the ungodly. If you’ve lied once in your life, you qualify! You need a new heart and redemption, my precious soul.

Taken from: "NO WAY DUDE: How You Got To Heaven"

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